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DesignFestival: Balance in Design

In a figurative sense, the concept of visual balance is similar to that of physical balance illustrated by a seesaw. Just as physical objects have weight, so do the elements of a layout. If the elements on either side of a layout are of equal weight, they balance one another. There are two main forms of visual balance: symmetrical and asymmetrical Continue reading

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DesignFestival: Design Festival Podcast #9: Design for Mobile Apps and Websites

Welcome to episode nine. Today’s podcast is from Myles Eftos, one of the authors of the Sitepoint book, Build Mobile Websites and Apps for Smart Devices , and the Learnable course, Build Mobile: Develop websites and apps for smart devices . In this episode, Myles talks about designing for mobile platforms. Continue reading

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How to Add Featured Image Thumbnails to Your WordPress Theme

547-wordpress-thumbnailsCraig’s latest WordPress tutorial describes how to add featured image thumbnails of any size to your theme files. Continue reading

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HOW TO: Add the +1 Button to Your WordPress Site

Google turned up the heat on its +1 feature Wednesday, rolling out the new +1 button across select partners sites (including Mashable) and intro… Continue reading

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