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Adapting an Interface for Touch Devices

The talk of late when it comes to adapting a web application for a mobile platform has been all about CSS media queries or server-side detection. But, as Tim shows, those two techniques alone are insufficient to account for the full range of devices ou… Continue reading

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Laying the Foundations of SEO Success

SEO is seen by many web developers and designers as a black art. However, there are a number of clear steps and actions that any site owner or developer can take to ensure their sites receive a fair shake in the search rankings. Once that foundation ha… Continue reading

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What’s Your Real Broadband Speed?

394-broadband-speedReal broadband speeds rarely come close to those claimed by your ISP. Following cases against British Telecom and Optus in Australia, Craig asks whether anyone can surf at advertised speeds. Continue reading

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OAuth for PHP Twitter Apps, Part 2

Twitter recently turned off basic HTTP authentication for its API. This means that Twitter app developers now need to use OAuth to access Twitter. In this second tutorial of a two-part series, Raj shows you how to let users log in to your site using Tw… Continue reading

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3 Ways to Leverage Social Interactions in Your SEO Campaigns

Social media is an increasingly important weapon in any SEO professional’s arsenal, but there are pitfalls to avoid if you plan to make use of it. SitePoint’s SEO expert Kristen Holden walks you through three simple ways to start gaining SEO benefi… Continue reading

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IE Market Share Falls Below 50%

429-ie-50pc-shareIE users now account for 1 in 2 website visitors. Although many are rejoicing its demise, Craig takes a closer look at the statistics to determine that the celebrations could be a little premature. Continue reading

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426-googlDo we need yet another URL shortening service? Google thinks so. Craig takes a closer look at the features offered by Continue reading

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