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DesignFestival: The Fold Exists but Does it Matter?

Digging around the web will unearth a heavy bias against the fold. “A rule of thumb that kills innovation.” “Used by people who don’t know what they’re talking about.” “A concept introduced by someone who is a moron.” “The fold is bogus.” “The fold is a myth.” “The fold is a silly thing that clients like to focus on.” “There is no fold.” There is even a web site called . This is not an issue that lacks for opinion. What is the fold and what do we know about it? Continue reading

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DesignFestival: Balance in Design

In a figurative sense, the concept of visual balance is similar to that of physical balance illustrated by a seesaw. Just as physical objects have weight, so do the elements of a layout. If the elements on either side of a layout are of equal weight, they balance one another. There are two main forms of visual balance: symmetrical and asymmetrical Continue reading

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DesignFestival: Creating Meaningful Site Search by Challenging Assumptions

Thumbnail The role of search in your site can be a hot topic. Sometimes there is pressure to make it a giant bandage to cover poor navigational structure, and other times it’s included just because “every site needs search.” Let’s look at three pervasive myths about search and two questions that will help us create a strategy unique to every site. Misconceptions About Search Myth #1: Site Visitors Prefer to Find Information With Search Researchers have worked to combat this myth and have found that site visitors’ behavior does not naturally trend toward search first, even when searchers know exactly what they’re looking for. Continue reading

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DesignFestival: Behind the Brazil 2014 World Cup Logo

Thumbnail Just when you thought you’d had enough football (or maybe not enough, in some cases) FIFA, the international football organization revealed the logo design for the next world cup which will take place in Brazil in 2014. The new design entitled “Inspiration”, was the winning submission, chosen from 25 entries. The judging panel included famous Brazilians, model Gisele Bundchen and author Paulo Coelho. The logo was designed by Sao Paolo-based agency Africa . Continue reading

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DesignFestival: Dissecting the Rio 2016 Logo

Thumbnail The Rio 2016 Olympic Games logo was unveiled on Copacabana Beach in Rio De Janeiro. The identity is made up of multi-colored figures holding hands over the Olympic rings, and the words Rio 2016 in a script typeface. It was designed by Brazilian agency Tatil . According to the organizers of the games, the new Rio 2016 emblem is inspired by the vision of “All Brazilians uniting to deliver the greatest festival on earth and proudly advancing our national promise of progress.” That’s a bit of a mouthful. Continue reading

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9 Outstanding Websites for Design Inspiration

When it comes to web design and development, we’ve offered up our top picks for tools of the trade. We’ve shared great tips from proContinue reading

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HOW TO: Beat Writer’s Block Online

Nowadays, we are all content creators. Whether it’s work or a school project, the next blog post, or even that next tweet, we all suffer from writer’s block from time to time. Traditional advice suggests taking a break from your monitor and getting some fresh air. That’s great old school advice, but it isn’t a [...] Continue reading

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