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Personally, I have been in the SEO game for 8 years. In my short time in this field I have come across very few people that inspire my SEO theory and challenge the way I practice. A little under 6 months ago I met Jeff at a Seattle SEO Network event. Q… Continue reading

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Extracting Images from a Word Document – Very Easy

I know some people may wonder why I am explaining this. I have run across several people lately that were unaware that it is easy to extract images from Word. This industry is involved with a lot of guest blogging, so I  thought I would offer this tip… Continue reading

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Why Aren’t You Paying Attention to APIs for your CMS?

Here we are, well into the social web era, and content management systems are still a big topic on the web. And it doesn’t look like that’s about to change. One might reasonably ask “Why are we still talking about CMS technology?” Well, frankly… Continue reading

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GE Wants You to Play With Power Tools at SXSW

Ever used a laser cutter? How about a cold saw, ironworker, injection molder or 3D printer? If not, do you want to?
No matter your power-tool qu… Continue reading

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New FREE Tool Alert: Find Broken Links and Errors

Throughout the years I’ve been reviewing several broken link checking tools like Xenu (desktop), LinkAider (paid), Link Checker (free but quite limited) and others. While we seem to have a few alternatives to identify broken links in our pages, a… Continue reading

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CognitiveSEO Version 2 Makes Its Debut

Last week I had the privilege to take a virtual tour with founder Razvan Gavrilas on the Version 2 release of CognitiveSEO. Now, if you’ve never heard of this before, there is a reason for being in stealth mode for so long. CognitiveSEO was in develo… Continue reading

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The SEO’s Guide to GA 5, Part II: Top 3 Features for Setting & Achieving SEO Goals

If you’re an SEO who’s still fumbling with the latest version of Google Analytics (version 5), fumble no more.  Here is a quick overview of 3 features you should know to help make your job easier.  These tips will also help you keep demonstrating… Continue reading

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The New Google Analytics Fuels an On-Site Revolution

The new version of Google Analytics has been a hit-or-miss type of implementation. I personally think that most resistance to change is a type of “Professional Inertia”; where people get to know the tools they use so often, that any modific… Continue reading

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The Best Link Building Tool You’ve Never Heard Of:

I love SEO tools. I’m always building or looking for really cool tools. With the demise of Yahoo Site explorer, a number of companies are attempting to fill the void, including SEOMoz, Majestic Tools and Link Research Tools. My favorite Yahoo replace… Continue reading

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The SEO’s Guide to Google Analytics 5: Getting Used to New Features Part I

This is part one of three in a geeky Google Analytics version 5 series to help you get accustomed to the new Google Analytics and use the new neat reporting features to impress your clients and bosses.  In the next article, I will share my top 6 new f… Continue reading

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