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Time for the 2012 SEOmoz Annual Industry Survey!

SEOmoz’s industry survey collects a lot of data about we fabulous search marketers. The infographic below contains data from last year’s survey that over 10,000 people participated in. You can be a part of 2012′s survey and help SEOmo… Continue reading

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2012 Will Have a Superhero Movie Summer

I was noticing that there are going to be some fantastically geeky movies on this Summer and I must say I am looking forward to the Summer in a big way. Here are some trailers of movies that are coming soon. Which movies will you see? The Avengers 2012… Continue reading

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Friday Humor: #Geek T-Shirts for Everyone

If you are like me the majority of your wardrobe is cool t-shirts (or what we think is cool). Here are a few more you can add to your collection. Source: via Melissa on Pinterest   Source: via Melissa on Pinterest  … Continue reading

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Video Review of the New iPad 3

This is a Macworld review by Jason Snell on Apple’s third-generation (2012) model iPad. I have the first generation iPad so the iPad three seems somewhat appealing. Are you getting one? Follow SEJ on Twitter @sejournalFollow SEJ on Twitter @sejou… Continue reading

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Have You Ever Fired a Client? [Poll]

We have had a new series on SEJ called Client Horror Stories. The goal of this series is to help those new to the industry avoid making mistakes and dealing with some of the same issues our writers have. In some cases it is important to fire a client. … Continue reading

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A Timeline of Google Algorithm Changes & Updates [Infographic]

Outrider has offered a very informative and historical infographic that offers a timeline of Google Algorithm Changes. All SEO’s can use this IG as a tool for learning, the ability to have conversations with respected SEO’s and to try gathe… Continue reading

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Most Popular February 2012 on SEJ

Our contributing authors are amazing. We wanted to share with you the articles, by contributing authors only, that got the highest traffic this month. 1). How to Create an Effective Google+ SEO Content Strategy by Neil Patel | @NeilPatel   2… Continue reading

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Extracting Images from a Word Document – Very Easy

I know some people may wonder why I am explaining this. I have run across several people lately that were unaware that it is easy to extract images from Word. This industry is involved with a lot of guest blogging, so I  thought I would offer this tip… Continue reading

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Social Media Demographics [Infographic] just sent us a really interesting infographic called “A Case Study in Social Media Demographics”. I know you all see a lot of IGs, but this one has some different information to consider such as: Gender Age Education Household… Continue reading

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Friday Humor: iSlap with iPad

First let me say that SEJ does not think violence is OK against humans, computers or iPads. It is just a fact that this video is funny and you need some smiles on a Friday. Do not try this at home! Follow SEJ on Twitter @sejournalFollow SEJ on Twitter … Continue reading

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