Author Archives: Gabriel Gervelis Enters the SEO Tools Market

Personally, I have been in the SEO game for 8 years. In my short time in this field I have come across very few people that inspire my SEO theory and challenge the way I practice. A little under 6 months ago I met Jeff at a Seattle SEO Network event. Q… Continue reading

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Is SEO Really SEO Anymore? Index Search Down 50%, Apps and Social Search Exploding

Recently, the game-changer to rule them all occurred; as we know, search engines have moved social. For SEO content developers, this means we’ve got to get our content onto social networking platforms. And in order to do this, it’s got to get used,… Continue reading

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Google’s Sponsor Review Campaign Shocks the SEO World

David Angotti wrote a great post on this on Jan 4th detailing that Google paid bloggers to post reviews; it’s a great post that describes the situation in detail. This news shocked my world a little bit and we had some clients raise some concerns. As… Continue reading

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Sponsored Advertising Strategy for Twitter’s Beta Ad Serving Platform

To date, I think I have filled out the request to contact form on Twitter’s adverting page at least 10 times. DAVID ANGOTTI wrote a post on SEJ about Twitter’s self-serve ad platform. He goes on to mention that about 20 advertisers are usin… Continue reading

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Complete Conversion Tracking: A Search Marketers Holiday Wish

I have been in the search marketing world for almost 10 years now, with all my experience I’d say it’s safe to say that in the search world things change quickly! Right when you think you have a grip on things, a Panda comes along and messes everyt… Continue reading

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Will Google Be Around in 2 Years?

My search marketing career started in 2003, back when the keyword meta tag rained superior and search engine submissions still counted for something. Back in 2003 if someone asked me if Google would be around in two years I would have laughed. Fast for… Continue reading

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