Want To Edit Out All the Ads in Times Square?

Online creation tools company Aviary has teamed up with digital marketing and creative agency The Barbarian Group and journalist Morgan Spurlock to create “No Ad: New York,” an online editor that lets users remove all ads from a virtual representation of Times Square.

If you’re a New York resident, you most likely avoid Times Square like the over-lit, tourist-sodden place that it is. Enter, “No Ad: New York” to save the gridlocked day.

The idea came to Spurlock (of Super Size Me fame) after hearing about the city of Sao Paulo, where outdoor ads have been banned since 2007 (they were deemed visual pollution).

Spurlock wondered if the same situation could be possible in New York, and approached The Barbarian Group with the concept. The Barbarian Group turned to Aviary, and they created a website on which users can virtually expunge all ads for Times Square — together.

Via the website, ad enemies can use Aviary’s image editor to replace ads with building textures, as well as utilize some of the company’s other tools to rid the world of underwear-clad models and movie posters.

Oh, and if you’re from some other ad-riddled clime, the site also lets you contact the folks in charge to set up an online purge in your own city.

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