Fisker Karma Electric Supercar Struts Its Stuff at CES 2012 [PICS]

LAS VEGAS — The Fisker Karma is an electric car on a nationwide tour, and one of its stops was at CES 2012. We got a chance to sit in it and experience all its luxury appointments, both interior and exterior.

Easing our 6-foot+ frames down into the vehicle, we found it’s seriously low-slung (as any good sports car should be). Once you sit down it feels like you’re wearing it rather than sitting in it. We liked its swank leather interior, made of “low carbon” leather that was manufactured in the greenest possible way, in keeping with the overall theme of the vehicle.

We’re also fond of its solar panels on the roof, which actually do more than the Prius’s solar panels, which are used to run a fan to keep the car interior cool as it sits in parking lots on hot days. Nay, the Fisker’s batteries actually assist in the charging of the car while it’s in the sunlight. And just look at that styling.

The car is said to have a 50-mile range on a single electric charge. Lately it’s had a bit of trouble with its batteries — 50 of the cars were shipped last month with batteries that presented a potential fire hazard. The company’s still working out that issue.

The super luxurious interior and sporty exterior of the Fisker Karma is certainly not cheap, with prices starting at $100,000. We saw the car in the middle of a hotel ballroom, slightly disappointed that we couldn’t take it out on the road for a quick spin.

Fisker Karma

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