Google+ Adds More YouTube and Chrome Features

Google announced further integration of YouTube and Chrome into its Google+ social network.

The search giant made the announcement in its official Google blog on Thursday, showing how it has continued its integration of YouTube into Google+.

Last summer, Google incorporated the ability to play YouTube videos in Google+ Hangouts. Now it takes that a step further, offering a YouTube icon on the top right of the Google+ interface that does a cool slide move when you mouse over it, asking “What would you like to play?”

Once you’ve entered the name of a video, topic or your favorite musician or band, a pop-up window appears, displaying a list of related videos that might interest you. I tried it by entering “Beatles,” and a Beatles video started playing in a dynamically re-sizing window, while offering more like it underneath.

Share a YouTube video and anyone in your chosen share circle has access to a related playlist, right from your post.

The company also announced a couple of new Google+ Chrome extensions — one is similar to a previously released version that lets you add a +1 to web pages, but now you can also share them with your circles right from its drop-down interface. The second extension lets you see your Google+ notifications right from your Chrome browser:

For those who don’t care to use the Chrome browser, Google says it’s offering a new version of Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer that also has these two new features on board.

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