Plug Hub Makes That Mess of Cables Disappear [PICS]

Time to get organized? Here’s the Plug Hub, innovatively designed to hide that rat’s nest of cables, wires and plugs underneath your desk.

Run your power cords through one of the three holes in the top, then you can plug them into a power strip sitting on its shelf below. I especially like the way you can mount it on a wall or under the desk, where all of those power adapters and wires can be hidden away where people can’t see them unless they’re crawling on the floor.

I’ve tried a similar organizer before, and while the Bluelounge Mini did the job of hiding away cables, it wasn’t as compact as the Plug Hub, nor could it be side-mounted to a desk, or possess a “cord anchor” inside where cables could be wrapped around. Now all this needs is a power strip with room for those huge “wall wart” power adapters, and it’ll tidy up the messiest part of my house.

Why is this organizer so well designed? More than 568 people helped influence this product, according to Quirky, the site that uses crowdsourcing to develop products. If enough people preorder this $24 Plug Hub, it’ll actually be manufactured and shipped. Like that super snow scrapin’ Snowdozer we showed you the other day from Quirky, this one gets my vote.

Plug Hub

In the real world, you’d probably turn the box around the other way so you don’t see the power strip.

Plug Hub

You can wrap your excess cable around the three reels inside.

Plug Hub

Not a bad-looking design.

Plug Hub

Here’s the Plug Hub mounted under a desk. Wait, is that power strip defying gravity? The power strip can be attached through holes in the bottom.

Plug Hub

Sure looks better than a chaotic mass of tangled cables to me.

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