Picplz Updates Android App With Live Thumbnail Previews

Just last week, mobile photo sharing startup Picplz released a new version of its iPhone app. Today, the cross-platform service is out with an Android update that brings the iPhone’s biggest new feature — live thumbnail previews of filters — to Android users.

The Android update ultimately brings parity between the Picplz experience on both mobile OS platforms, but the live thumbnail previews are certainly an important upgrade that Android owners will appreciate. Otherwise, the new version simply fixes a handful of application bugs and issues.

Unlike its competitor Instagram, Picplz has made an ongoing effort to cater to the Android crowd and the company assures users that this philosophy isn’t changing anytime soon. A future release is promised to bring additional speed and browsing improvements.

Picplz might also make its way onto other mobile platforms and inside other applications in the very near future. The startup is working on an API that will soon be released. Founder and CEO Dalton Caldwell says he’s curious to see how developers envision using both the read and write aspects of the API. The company is fielding requests and will be handing out beta access to developers on a person-by-person basis, he says.

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