Chrome Market Share Rises Above 10 Percent


Chrome 6 was released this week but there’s some more important news for web designers and developers. According to StatCounter’s statistics, Google’s browser recorded a 10.76% market share during August 2010. This was an increase from 9.88% in the previous month.

A 0.9% rise may not sound much, but it accounts for millions of users and is an important milestone for the 2 year-old browser. In last month’s article, Current Browser Market Shares and Trends, I reported that double figures would be achieved soon but uptake appears to have accelerated.

It’s important to note that browser usage figures are never accurate and naturally fluctuate, but Chrome’s growth has never deviated from its upward path.

Browser July 2010 August 2010 Change
IE 52.69% 51.34% -1.35%
Firefox 30.69% 31.09% +0.40%
Chrome 9.88% 10.76% +0.88%
Safari 4.09% 4.23% +0.14%
Opera 1.91% 1.88% -0.03%
Others 0.74% 0.70% -0.04%

Chrome’s gain has been at IE’s expense. That’s not surprising, but IE usage had remained fairly static — if not increased slightly — during previous months. August shows the biggest monthly drop in IE’s market share for a year.

The figures will please Google but it has a long way to go before Chrome starts to challenge IE and Firefox. However, the company has been aggressively advertising the browser and few people would bet against it.

Could we see a 3-way tie at the top of the browser charts?

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