Why Bands Need Better Mobile Websites Now [INFOGRAPHIC]

This year, about 2,000 bands will arrive in Austin to play SXSW, hoping to grab the attention of label execs, A&R reps, and most importantly, new fans.

Typically, bands play around four shows during the music portion of the festival, which is plenty of opportunity to get exposure. But what if someone hears a band and wants to check out their site via mobile phone? Will most artist websites be ready to serve up a quality mobile experience for fans on the ground at SXSW?


The folks at ShareSquare parsed over 1,700 band websites listed on the official SXSW roster to figure out if they could handle the expected mobile traffic.

They found not many band websites had links to their social profiles, which could be a huge closed door for those fans eager to connect. Some of the websites were also woefully out of date. Some even used the dreaded framesets not seen since the Geocities days. For anyone on a phone, a crashed browser would be reason enough to kill interest.

See the infographic below to find out what else the survey uncovered. Do you think bands need to beef up their mobile presence? Let us know in the comments.

Thumbnail image courtesy crsan, Flickr.

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