Announcing #MozCon 2012: Our Best Yet!

Posted by Erica McGillivray

It's MozCon time! At SEOmoz, we're proud to announce that tickets for this year's MozCon are on sale now, and our planning is going full-steam ahead. You'll want to put this event on your calendar now.
Join us for a three day deep-dive into advanced search engine optimization, social media, conversion rate optimization, content marketing, analytics, and more.  

MozCon 2012 July 25th – July 27th, 2012 at the Westin in Seattle

$899 $699 PRO Members
$1,499 $1,299 Non-PRO
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Amazing Content from Industry Leaders

Want to learn something that will blow your mind with awesome? MozCon is the place for you. 

"MozCon is like Disneyland for SEOs, jampacked with super-geeky SEO Magic Tricks, and great chances to meet and say hello to others in the search industry." — Pete Campbell

Richard Baxter at MozCon 2011

Actionable Tips and Deep Insights

"MozCon is the best online marketing conference I have ever attended. The content is well-rounded and advanced." — Bekka Palmer, Thunder SEO

Wil Reynolds and the audience at MozCon 2011
We're working hard with our speakers to craft incredible talks just for you. Some of the topics we've been bouncing around, include:
  • SEO and Google+
  • Community as an Inbound Marketing Channel
  • Cutting Edge Web Spam Research
  • New Forms of Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Link Analysis through APIs
  • SEO Project Management
Roger Mozbot's busy making the schedule and checking it twice. We'll have our full agenda up soon, and you'll find it here.

Three Days and One Amazing Experience

"MozCon 2011 in Seattle was excellent! The new knowledge was plentiful, the planning was primo, and the food was incredible – tons of vegetarian options and lots of snack times! Frequent breaks were necessary to refresh our brains every few hours so we could cram more giant piles of information in." — Heather Physioc

Besides our programming, MozCon 2012 will give you the chance to meet face-to-face all the Mozzers you've been chatting with in the comments on this blog, in the answers on q&a, by email, customer service questions, or over Twitter. 
Grab an engineer and get a hint at a new SEOmoz product. Rickroll Jen in person, or ask Shelly about why someone drew her riding a unicorn on a whiteboard. 
And don't forget to hug Roger!
Roger makes friends!Roger and Rand high-five
Roger loves HillariRoger smiles
Roger's only set to Hugs
For those of you wondering about the food, have no fear! We'll provide you with breakfast and lunch all three days, appetizers/light meal Wednesday night, and food and drinks at our Thursday night party. Plus, plenty of snackage. You won't go hungry or have to fret about a meal budget.

Celebrate, Moz-Style

After a day of digesting knowledge, put down your laptop and enjoy being in the fabulous city of Seattle and getting to know those who share your passion for organic marketing. We'll be hosting a casual meet-up Wednesday night and a full-on party at the Garage Thursday night. Make some new friends and show off your bowling or pool skills.
Casey and Chris at MozCon 2011

Relax at the Westin Hotel in Downtown Seattle

MozCon goers get a discount for the Westin Hotel. And wow, do I have some awesome news for you, the Westin did a big remodel this past winter just for us! (Kidding about that last part.) All their rooms have been refreshed and upgraded. Swanky.
Plus, if you're coming from the airport, the Westin is an easy-peasy 30 minute LinkLight Rail ride away. Learn more and ditch that rental car.
What's also amazing is that you're within walking distance of Seattle's legendary Pike Place Market, Elliot Bay Waterfront, and… the Mozplex!

"I've been passionately involved in SEO/SEM for nearly a decade, and I can honestly say that MozCon was the most educational 3 days that I've ever experienced in that amount of time. There was a wealth of tangible information and insight that I'm going to be able to utilize in all aspects of SEO. MozCon was simply inspiring." — Greg Bebezas, OpenText Corporation

Don't Delay as the Early Bird Gets the Best Priced Worm

We listened to your feedback. This year, we're selling early bird priced tickets for 30 days. (Until Wednesday, April 20th at 11:59pm PDT.) 
Our early bird pricing will be the largest discount on any ticket to MozCon 2012. If you're looking to save a dime or $200, in this case, purchase your ticket now.
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But you don't have to take my word for it…
Would your recommend MozCon? Overwhelmingly, YES.

"I walked into MozCon a great SEO and walked out a thought leader." — Mike King, iPullRank

Photos by Rudy Lopez

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