Top 10 Tech This Week [PICS]

1. Playboy Club in Space

Playboy’s dreaming up a way to team up with Virgin Galactic for the ultimate in space tourism: a Playboy Club in Earth’s orbit.

The magazine consulted with scientists and futurists to dream up the wild concept that includes a zero-gravity dance club, weightless human roulette, and of course, an opportunity to join the space version of the mile-high club (which might not be as easy as it seems).

You won’t be able to book your tickets to this “intergalactic entertainment destination” just yet. Playboy vows to offer “a party that’s out of this world” as soon as space tourism becomes a reality.


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With feet planted firmly on the ground (wearing a new kind of ultralight Nike shoe), we reach into space once again in this edition of Top 10 Tech This Week.

In our picture gallery, you’ll see accessories, technical marvels, conveniences and innovations you’ve never dreamed of come to life. And yes, there is one unusual innovation that some Americans might consider unnecessary — even shocking.

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Along the way, we’ll get a close-up look at a spectacular new concept car, accompanied by two bonus pics we’re sure you’ll enjoy. So figuratively strap yourself into our fast-moving bullet train, as we take you from inner space to outer space and beyond.

Here’s last week’s Top 10 Tech.

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