Vizio to Roll Out Full Line of PCs at CES 2012 [PICS]

Vizio, known for its low-cost but good-quality HDTVs, will introduce five new desktop PCs and laptops at CES 2012.

Although the official announcement hasn’t been made yet, we obtained pictures of some of the surprisingly complete group of products Vizio will introduce, starting with a 27″ all-in-one PC and ranging down to a 14″ thin-and-light notebook. In between will be a 24″ all-in-one PC, a 15.6″ notebook and a 15.6 ” thin-and-light notebook

In an interview with Bloomberg, Vizio’s Chief Technology Officer Matt McRae said the new line of Vizio PCs will selling at prices “substantially less” than similar hardware from Apple. McRae wouldn’t share any other specifics about the products. According to Gizmodo, the new line is expected to be available in June.

It looks to us like Vizio is aiming straight for the heart of Apple’s iMac and MacBook business, undercutting it with lower prices and taking advantage of the “Apple tax” that many think makes people pay extra for that Apple logo.

Take a look at the gallery of teaser pics below, and let us know what you think of Vizio’s new line of PCs. We’ll have more details as Vizio announces the products on Monday.

Update: We stated in an earlier version of this post that Vizio’s Chief Technology Officer Matt McRae said Intel Ivy Ridge processors would be in these new PCs, but he was misquoted. Vizio hasn’t yet announced chip partners. The text has been updated to reflect this. We regret the error. -CW

Vizio AIO Back

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