How to Get Old Facebook Back

Much to the annoyance of many of its users, Facebook is always changing. The recent Timeline revamp is the last in a series of tweaks to the social networking service, some good, some bad, and some just plain ugly.

Do you like the news “ticker?” How about the revamped chat? Does the highlighted news style bother you when you miss out on gossip?

We have identified five older Facebook features and functions that we used to enjoy, and found extensions for Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox browsers that get them back.

We know we can’t stop progress in the long term (and we wouldn’t want to), but for the sake of some short-term peace of mind, we’re going retro with some tweaks to suit our preferences.

Let us know in the comments about any Facebook features that drive you nuts, and we’ll see if we can find a few options to “fix” them.

1. Hide the News Ticker and Restore Your News Feed with Facebook Classic by
Michael Donohoe

To compensate for the fact that it rearranges the order of your News Feed, Facebook now displays a constantly updated news “ticker” above the chat bar if you have it open, or the top right of your home page if you don’t.

This continually updating stream is a source of annoyance to many, while the edited news feed itself makes many Facebook users apoplectic with rage.

Facebook Classic will solve both these problems. In addition to nixing the ticker, it reverts your News Feed to chronological order. As a bonus, you can easily toggle it on and off.

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