Exhilarating Film Takes You Through 11 Countries in 1 Minute [VIRAL VIDEO]

Take a look at what director Rick Meriki did last summer: a spectacular one-minute video he made with two of his pals as they traveled to 11 countries over 44 days, walking us through a dazzling variety of cultures, locations and images.

“Move” shows actor Andrew Lees strolling toward us in perfect sync, surrounded by a mind-boggling group of scenarios, all whizzing by so quickly you have to watch this quick clip a few times just to absorb it all.

The film was part of a three-film series of short subjects commissioned by STA Travel Australia, based on the concepts of movement, learning and food. Of the three, this one is by far the most compelling. The other two, entitled “Learn” and “Eat,” are artfully done as well, and all are beautifully photographed by Director of Photography and Editor Tim White.

The ultrahigh production-quality and Kelsey James’s haunting music reminds me of Matt Harding’s groundbreaking “Where the Hell Is Matt?” video from 2008, in which Harding spent 14 months traveling through 42 countries and dancing his little dance that touched the hearts of millions.

“Where the Hell Is Matt? ” garnered an astonishing 41 million views on YouTube, and this similar short film “Move” is a kind of compressed, one-man version without all the interpersonal interaction (this one’s 60 seconds long, while Matt’s film was 4 minutes, 29 seconds).

Even so, I find “Move” enthralling. And even though it hit the Web late last summer, I think it deserves more recognition than it got then. If you agree, spread the word — share it with your friends.

The second short film of the series, “Eat,” will certainly make you hungry:

The third, “Learn,” is heartwarming and exhilarating:

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