8 Rumors About the iPad 3: What It Could Look Like, When It Could Arrive

1. Minor Upgrades

iLounge recently reported that it saw a prototype of the next-generation iPad at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and that it looks just like the iPad 2, only thicker by about 1 mm. The camera in the top left corner is expected to be a bit larger than the iPad 2 and similar to the improved camera featured on the iPhone 4S.

It’s also been rumored that the next-generation iPad will have a high-resolution screen – possibly even double dpi — and a stronger interior. However, the updates seen by iLounge seem to be more cosmetic than structural. Could the next-generation device be an upgrade similar to that of the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 4S?

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The tech industry and its user base love to buzz about the arrival of new Apple products, and the next-generation iPad is likely to be the next big product unveiled by the company.

Speculations about a February or March announcement date have been circulating throughout the web for some time now, and since that’s in line with the company’s product launch cycle, we wouldn’t be surprised if this rumor holds true.

But there’s no guarantee that the latest tablet from Apple will even be called an iPad 3 — there’s always the possibility of Apple releasing an iPad HD with only a few updates from the iPad 2.

In fact, a recent report from iLounge noted that a prototype of the new version of the Apple tablet was at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show – you just wouldn’t know because it looks almost identical to the iPad 2.

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However, will it have Siri? Will it be unveiled on Steve Jobs’s birthday, Feb. 24? Will previous models be cheaper?

For a full run down of the latest rumors, check out the gallery above.

UPDATE: Bloomberg recently reported that the next-generation iPad will be faster – running on a quad-core chip – feature a high-definition screen and be compatible with long- term evolution (LTE), a wireless network that gives users access to data more quickly.

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