Retrospective Video by Anonymous Includes Ominous Warning

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The controversial Internet hacking group known as “Anonymous” created this retrospective video commemorating a tumultuous year in the world of anarchy and subversive activism. Its “LulzXmas” video is a complicated and picture-packed montage of mayhem, where the group’s point of view doesn’t exactly come into sharp focus, but you can get an idea of what sort of year some of its members think we’ve just gone through.

The group doesn’t speak with one voice. It consists of many free spirits who want to change the world and are willing to employ a variety of digital methods — both constructive and destructive, and often just mischievous — to make that happen. Here’s how the group announced the video in a tweet:

“@YourAnonNews: ANONYMOUS LULZXMAS VIDEO: We made a list, checked it twice. Gonna find out what companies have been naughty…not nice.”

From the video’s eerie beginning with its “We do not forgive and we do not…forget” motif, to the tweet with its ominous warning to companies that haven’t been “nice,” to its final admonition to “prepare yourself for 2012,” Anonymous has certainly enshrouded itself in mystery and foreboding.

Do you think Anonymous should be the ones policing corporate behavior? Is civil disobedience the best way to get things done in today’s world? What did you think of this video?

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