iScreen: Apple TV Imagined with Magnificent Curved Screen [PICS]

Slightly iMac Look

From the front, it looks a bit like a conventional TV or all-in one Mac

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Whenever CiccaresDesign dreams up a mockup of an upcoming Apple product (as it did with the no-show iPhone 5), the results are invariably interesting. Federico Ciccarese’s fantasy of what he calls the “iScreen” is no exception, showing a spectacular curved glass display whose design tips its hat to the iMac but adds a couple of design flourishes that might be the envy of Apple itself.

Let’s emphasize up front: This is not a leak of an Apple design, but it’s a concept of what the rumored Apple TV might look like by the time it becomes reality, possibly sometime between now and 2013. It was created by CiccaresDesign for MacRumors.

However, it’s not entirely based on fantasy. Given Steve Jobs’s tantalizing aside to author Walter Isaacson as the two worked on the late CEO’s biography — where Jobs boasted that he had “cracked” the secret to television, envisioning an integrated, wirelessly synched TV set with “the simplest user interface you could imagine” — an Apple television could very well be in the offing.

Beyond that, another one of the latest obsessions of Steve Jobs was with curved glass, as seen in his plans for Apple’s spectacular flying-saucer-like HQ. As you can see, that idea was worked into this design to maximum effect.

Click through the gallery, and you’ll see an imagined embedding of the Apple iPhone 4S’s new digital assistant, Siri, where the new TV might be able to respond to your voice commands, and perhaps even anticipate what sorts of shows you’d like to watch.

These designs are fun to admire, but let’s keep in mind that Apple hasn’t announced any such products. Even so, if Apple were to release a TV packed with computerized goodness, lorded over by some kind of advanced Siri goddess, do you think it would look sort of like this?

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