Artist Illustrates Finely Detailed Comic Book Magazine Cover [TIMELAPSE VIDEO]

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In this 11-minute timelapse video, freelance designer Dei Gaztelumendi illustrates a cover for comic book magazine Xabiroi from start to finish.

In a post on his personal blog, Gaztelumendi says that he was given free reign to choose the subject of the cover, and so he decided to add to his “Post-Apocalyptic Kids” series. This kid, he says, is the toughest yet, and fittingly so — the illustration was also made as a gift to a friend who lost his leg in a motorbike accident last year. “This is for him, because he really IS the toughest kiddo yet,” he writes.

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In the video, Gaztelumendi begins with a paper and ink outline, which he then imports into Adobe Photoshop to build out. Given the frame speed, it’s difficult to pick up much in the way of technique — I’d love to have a closer look at the textured brushes he used, for instance — but the video is enlightening nevertheless. What’s particularly impressive is the level of detail Gaztelumendi brings to the piece. As one Reddit commenter remarked, “There were many moments when I thought, ‘This is impressively detailed,’ but then he kept adding more details.”

The final illustration:

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