Twitter’s Jack Dorsey: “What Can We Do Better?”

If you have ever wanted to tell Twitter how you feel about its 200 million-member social network, now is the time to do it. Twitter’s Executive Chairman Jack Dorsey tweeted questions Wednesday to attract feedback on the five-year-old service.

A lot has changed since Twitter launched in 2006. To put things into perspective — within the past two months alone — Twitter has:

Earlier this year, Twitter introduced a new version of its homepage with a sleeker design and revamped pitch to potential users; expanded its Local Trends feature to 70 more cities and countries; and updated its search tool to make it easier to find new people to follow.

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Dorsey’s all ears (or shall we say, Twears?) now. What praise, gripes or suggestions do you have for Twitter’s inventor?

If you tweet him, leave us a link to your tweet in the comments. We’ll put your best responses in the collection already assembled below.

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