PROOF You Should Make Sure Your Website Works on Tablets

Nothing irritates me more than a site not working on my iPad. I use my iPad for fun and to get away from all the responsibilities that come with my laptop. I don’t check email and I try really, really hard to not check Twitter. My husband, my son and I all have iPads and we all use them daily. There are way too many websites that have either not been updated or didn’t plan to work well on any type of tablet  and I think everyone should be focused on a site that works for everyone (and every browser please). released an infographic based on a study. You can view it below and please look at the data closely. You, your friends, your clients, your family and everyone else needs a site that works well on tablets. This IG is focused on news, but we all know that people are using tablets to look at everything. Take the time and money to invest in a site that works.

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