iPhone 5 Launch: Top 10 Questions

Apple’s iPhone event is rapidly approaching, and most of us are wondering precisely what’s going to be announced. So now we come to you, the millions of Mashable readers, asking you to answer our 10 poll questions so we can crowdsource this information, perhaps getting closer to the truth of what will really be happening on Tuesday morning at 10 A.M. Pacific Time in Cupertino.

Please respond to each of the following (admittedly unscientific) mini-polls, where we hope to harness the wisdom of crowds, whose collective IQ is way beyond that of any individual’s. Please vote for what you think is the most likely answer — not the one you’d most like to see. Pass this along, and if we get enough responses, we might be able to see into the future.

We’ll check back after Tuesday’s Apple event and see just how accurate we were.

1. Announcements

2. Processor

3. Camera

4. Voice

5. Design

6. Screen

7. GPS

8. NFC

9. The Button

10. Adobe and Apple

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