How Apple’s Event Invites Hint at What’s to Come [PICS]

Although it maintains a strict wall of secrecy about forthcoming announcements, Apple hypes up its special media events with cleverly designed and worded invitations that get pored over and analyzed for clues.

Ahead of the “Let’s Talk iPhone” special event on Oct. 4, 2011, we’ve rounded up 10 such invites. In addition to looking at invite design, we recall the development or device Apple actually showcased at each media presentation.

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Take a look through the image gallery below. Let us know in the comments your hype memories and speculation from Apple events past — and what you think is due to be revealed on Oct. 4.

2005: “1000 Songs In Your Pocket Changed Everything. Here We Go Again”

Back in 2005, Apple teased the press with a cryptic message superimposed over an image of a denim pocket.

The “1000 songs” reference can be traced back to the first iPod press release in 2001.

This line represented the tagline for this event’s launch — the first-gen iPod nano.

Beyond the nano, Apple also introduced the Motorola ROKR, which supported iTunes. While not a success, the ROKR was the creative seed for the iPhone.

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