Google+ To Challenge Facebook for Game Developers With Lower Fees [REPORT]

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If the 10 million users that still-invite-only Google+ accumulated in just two weeks weren’t enough to make Facebook nervous, the latest report about the new social network’s gaming platform might. Google will take a smaller percentage of revenue away from game developers than Facebook does, reports All Things D.

Google reportedly will also, unlike Facebook, host games on its own servers — which could make them faster and less buggy.

The Google+ code includes mentions of a gaming platform, and Google has reportedly invested as much as $200 million in the dominant social gaming company Zynga. But there’s been no official word about if and when the game platform for Google will launch or what it will look like.

Google did, however, make” target=”_blank”>in-app payments
available to web developers this week. This is a technology that would be required for in-game payments, All Things D points out, and Google is only charging a 5% fee for the service.

If Google sticks in this ballpark with its fees for game developers, it will be severely undercutting the industry standard of 30% set by Facebook and Apple.

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