Moms at Google Give Mother’s Day Advice

Google has one of the more diverse employee-bases. Beyond having over 200 offices around the world, the female-malenratio on Google’s staff is more balanced than what’s so often seen in corporate America. Many of those female employees also double in another important job: being a mother. The various Moms at Google are undoubtedly some of the more savvy people around, which means that their recent compilation of advice on using Google tools to help your family shouldn’t be disregarded off-hand.

Here’s a brief selection of advice from Googler moms:

  • Picasa can be a powerful tool to store pictures your kids have drawn, or photos they’ve taken. You can even set up a collaborative album to let all family members contribute.
  • You can share family videos on YouTube but still keep the videos safe from the prying eyes of the public by setting the video as private.
  • You can use Blogger or Google Docs to create a “open source” family story center.
  • YouTube has many useful channels to keep your kids entertained, including the School House Rock channel and the Sesame Street channel.
  • Google Sky Map is a great way to enhance stargazing on a family camping trip.
  • Gmail’s video chat is a great way to stay in touch with your family for free.
  • You can organize events or schedule new items using Google Events and Google Calendar. You can even make a calendar specifically for family events and share it with all family members.
  • Google search’s ”recipe view” can be an excellent way to find new meal ideas.

There are plenty of other useful tips, so be sure to check out the full Google blog post, linked below.

[via the Official Google Blog]


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Moms at Google Give Mother’s Day Advice

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