HOW TO: Hire (or Be Hired as) a Team of Devs

If you’ve ever struggled to build a well-oiled machine of a tech team, here’s an excellent new resource for you. GroupTalent allows you to hire a pre-assembled team of software engineers all at once.

This is a great solution if you’ve thought of acquiring a startup for talent alone, if you have an idea that needs to be built, or if your company is trying to branch into a different area — such as mobile apps — and you need to quickly get a skilled team in place.

GroupTalent lets devs build and showcase their own teams, too. You can piece together a group if you’re working with other devs at a small startup or on an open-source project, if you’ve worked together in the past, or if you’ve built projects together while at university — wherever two or more are gathered together, as the saying goes.

And in addition to working within an established dynamic with familiar players, GroupTalent says you can command higher salaries as a group than you might as individuals, too.

On the site, teams can create group profiles with data from LinkedIn and GitHub. You’ll be able to specify areas of expertise and roles within the team. Below is an example of what a team profile looks like.

From the employer side, managers could benefit by meeting their hiring goals more quickly. And you’ll have the advantage of knowing your new co-workers will have an established dynamic and work well together.

Every team and company goes through an approval process, so whether you’re a dev team or a hiring company, you know you’re talking to vetted professionals.

GroupTalent launched Wednesday. The company is based in Seattle, and its founding team was in the Y Combinator 2008 batch of startups.

Top image courtesy of iStockphoto, lisegagne

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