Google I/O for Developers: New App Engine, Go Runtime & Eclipse Plugin

Although Google’s developer conference was awash with consumer product news, the company actually made some announcements relevant to developers.

App Engine is being graduated from a preview to version 1.5 this summer. The new version offers Backends, better Task Queues and an experimental runtime for Go, Google’s homebrewed programming language.

In addition to the App Engine upgrade, Google also unveiled a Google Plugin for Eclipse, the popular IDE.

Within App Engine, Backends for both Python and Java will support apps with long running requirements and high memory processes, such as custom search engines.

With the new Go runtime, Go apps will be compiled to native code, and the compiling is optimized to be super fast. You can download App Engine SDK for Go now, and you’ll soon be able to deploy Go apps in App Engine.

For Eclipse users, the Google Plugin for Eclipse will help Java devs more easily set up their apps in the Google cloud. The plugin helps devs in “generating high quality Ajax code using the Google Web Toolkit, optimizing performance with Speed Tracer, and effortlessly deploying applications to the App Engine.”

Python announcements regarding support for more current version should be coming “real soon,” according to a Google rep at I/O.

On the official Google Code blog blog, App Engine Senior Product Manager Greg D’Alesandre wrote: “when we take App Engine out of preview in the second half of this year, we will provide a 99.95% uptime service level agreement, operational and developer support, offline billing, and a new Terms of Service agreement geared towards businesses. We will also introduce a new pricing structure for App Engine based on more transparent usage-based pricing.”

image courtesy of iStockphoto user nullplus

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