How Gets Those Awesome Photos [VIDEO]

Threadless is more than just a T-shirt company; it’s known for its culture of hipster-flavored creativity and its focus on great design.

In this video, we get a behind-the-scenes look at one of the most important aspects of the Threadless website: the pics, man, the pics.

Far from being SkyMall-reminiscent catalog work (soccer mom hair and khaki pants all the way), the Threadless photos display real youngsters (employees and friends) in the Threadless office and around the headquarters’ Chicago neighborhood, goofing off in the company’s signature T-shirts.

In this interview with Threadless’s in-house photog Sean Dorgan and creative director Sean Donohue, PhotoShelter founder Grover Sanschagrin gets in-depth info on how, when and where Threadless’s eye-catching photography gets done. Ecommerce website designers, take note, and in the comments, let us know how you have handled or would advise clothing-store clients who need to uniquely display their wares.

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