Dunkin’ Donuts Goes Local With New Site Design

Dunkin’ Donuts has finished rolling out a site redesign that helps users access the brand on a more local, store-specific level.

“The old dunkindonuts.com was really a one-size-fits-all destination, where we talked about a lot of national initiatives, but it never got down to the local market level, which was not in the best interest of our guests or our franchisees,” says Dave Tryder, Dunkin’ Donuts’s director of interactive and relationship marketing. “Our primary goal [in the redesign] was to enable guests to find out what was going on at their local Dunkin’ … and to make it more social.”

The new version, which was inspired by feedback from the company’s Facebook fanbase, is designed to help customers find out what is going on at their local Dunkin’ Donuts stop on both their desktops and on their mobile devices.

Consumers can enter their zip codes or use the GPS functionality on their smartphones to access information about store openings, hours, promotions (we have yet to see this integrated), Wi-Fi availability and other relevant information in their area. They can also use the new Trip Planner tool to identify a path of Dunkin’ Donuts locations further afield, lest they be forced to turn to a local shop for coffee or doughnuts in their travels.

The retail chain has also launched its first blog, “Behind the Beans,” and has started streaming content from its feeds on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube right on the homepage, underscoring the increasing importance of self-distributed media to the company. Dunkin’ Donuts is investing more resources in producing its own content, having released a three-part series on its new “eating smart” menu in the first quarter with the company’s executive chef, as well as some iced coffee promotions around the holidays.

“Web video allows us to do some things we may not do on TV, to tell the brand story in a different way, to do something more fun,” Tryder says. “It’s a very cost-effective way to get the message across from a production/cost standpoint. The audience size is there now.”

The company will continue to build out its content offerings on social networks and on its blog in the coming months.

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