Official Node.js Job Board Pops Onto the Web has just launched its Node-specific job board on the web. It offers a new marketplace for finding work with the still quite new but white-hot framework.

At least one other Node job boards exists, but this is the first official listing service from the creators of Node.

The board itself, brought to you by Node sponsor Joyent, is still rather sparse on content; however, given the relative newness of Node, we don’t expect an employment bubble to swell up around the framework just yet.

Still, if you’re tinkering with or hacking in Node and you’d like to get some professional, paid experience with it onto your résumé, the Node job board might be a decent place to start looking. And we fully expect to see more listings and open positions popping up on the board in the days and weeks to come.

Currently, positions range from server engineers to game developers. Most positions are based in San Francisco, CA.

If you’re a company or a dev looking for a Node developer, you can post your own job listings to the site at the rate of $350 for 30 days. Given the currently small number of positions available, you can expect applications to abound and competition to be relatively fierce.

We look forward to seeing how this board develops; Node devs, bookmark this site now and check back periodically to keep tabs on Node offerings around the world.

In other Node news, if you don’t necessarily need paid or professional experience for your C.V. but you would like a good excuse to exercise your Node.js chops, the 2011 Node Knockout is coming up in a few months. The site for the 48-hour, Rails Rumble-like hackathon has just gone live, and it’s a reference to The Watchmaker, a contender in last year’s competition and a very strange little game in itself.

According to the site, you have exactly 156 days to get your Node together and form teams for the hackathon. Will you be participating this year?

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