Firefox 4 Has Arrived

After months of development, no fewer than 10 beta releases and a release candidate, Firefox 4 is finally here.

An ambitious release for Mozilla, Firefox 4 promises to be not only faster than previous releases — but also more streamlined. We’ve already discussed some of the major changes in the venerable browser and will be putting out our own in-depth review later today.

Firefox 4 enters the browsing market at an important time. Not only is Microsoft back in the browser game with IE 9, but Google’s Chrome browser continues to gain in popularity around the world. Features like tabbed browsing, extensions and add-ons that once set Firefox apart from the crowd are now standard features across all major browsers and platforms.

The results, in our early tests, are a leaner, faster Firefox that holds up well against its increasingly tough competition.

Check out this video that interactive agency JESS3 made to introduce Firefox 4 to the world:

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