ShoutEm Makes It Easy to Create Your Own Mobile App

ShoutEm, the Zagreb, Croatia-based startup that started out as a white-label Twitter solution, has significantly changed its strategy with a new version, launching in beta today.

Instead of merely creating your own Twitter, ShoutEm now lets you effortlessly create a full-fledged iPhone app, with support for an RSS feed, event listings, video, audio podcasts, radio streaming, locations and microblogging – all in one.

We’ve tried the app creation process and it really is as simple as it can be: You add modules and rearrange them as you please, and then test the app on your iPhone by downloading a special app called ShoutEm Mobilizer and logging in with your ShoutEm credentials.

Your app can be quite simple; for example, it can consist only of an RSS feed from your company’s website. However, if you want, you can add a rich array of features that would put many iPhone apps to shame. One module we’ve had some trouble with was the images module, which works well with Flickr but with some other sites, such as Imgur, doesn’t display images correctly.

You can also brand the app with the colors and logos of your company, including setting up your own application icon, home image, iTunes artwork and more.

ShoutEm doesn’t offer a free version. To create your mobile app you must pay a monthly fee starting from $29.90/month for the Basic plan, which offers up to 1000 installs and lacks some of the more advanced features such as Events. The Advanced plan starts from $49.90 and offers up to 2,000 installs, while the Pro plan also offers plugins for WordPress and Drupal and up to 5,000 installs. The most demanding customers can negotiate the price for an Enterprise plan, which offers all of the above plus advanced customization of the application.

Viktor Marohnic, one of ShoutEm’s co-founders, spoke about the company’s strategy. “Remember when WordPress was all the rage, and everyone was creating websites and blogs? Well, now it’s happening in the mobile realm,” he says.

“There are tens of thousands of companies around the world that want – no, need – a mobile app, but can’t afford to go through the expensive process of hiring a development team, waiting for the app to be finished and submitting it to Apple’s App Store for approval. With ShoutEm, you don’t have to do any of that. Creating a mobile app with ShoutEm is simple, easy, customizable and – we think – cheap,” says Marohnic.

ShoutEm has prepared 100 beta invites for Mashable readers; to use one, register over at using the code “mashableapps”.

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