How Much Does Identity Theft Cost? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Online fraud and related crime is on the rise, affecting more lives and costing individuals and businesses more money year after year.

Not to long ago, we showed you what identity theft and online fraud costs from the criminals’ point of view. For example, a cybercriminal could set up a fake online store, designed to steal e-mail addresses, passwords, names and credit card numbers, for between $30 and $300.

But what do these kinds of theft cost consumers?

In this infographic, created by Sam Franada of Lines & Moodswings for KGBPeople and based on data from Wikipedia, the I.D. Theft Center and other sources, we learn that 10% of Americans have had their identities stolen, and on average, each of those individuals lost around $5,000.

The cost to businesses worldwide adds up to a staggering $221 billion each year.

Check out more facts about identity theft — including the best ways to protect your own identity — below, and in the comments, let us know about your opinions and experiences.

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