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Fans of Node.js will appreciate today’s finding: NodeFu, a sort of Heroku for Node.js.

The incredible success of Node.js last year was one of the top web-dev highlights of 2010. And the advent of more web-based development tools and more open-source tools was one of our predictions for 2011.

So it makes perfect sense to us that a developer has created an open-source hosting platform for Node.js.

NodeFu is a free way to deploy Node.js applications (here’s the source on GitHub). It’s a cool toy for devs who are experimenting with the hot new framework on the block.

NodeFu’s creators write on the site (which is rather bare bones, as NodeFu is currently more about the API than the pretty packaging), “We started this project because the ‘other’ Node.js hosting services was not sending out coupon invitations. Now anyone can host Node.js apps!”

NodeFu is currently running Node v.0.3.5 and updates all Node Package Manager modules weekly. Git is required to push updates to NodeFu.

Here’s a video explaining the origins of NodeFu and a walkthrough of how to use the site and the service:

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