Giant Real World Claw Game Can Be Played Remotely

Remember how, as a child, you threw screaming tantrums when your prize of choice slipped through the metallic fingers of those claw machine games?

Well, now you can reclaim your youth by testing out “The Santa Claw,” a mammoth claw game you can play from the privacy of your computer.

The Santa Claw was fashioned from 2,000 pounds of steel, 700 feet of wire and 1.5 wheelchairs by Real Art Design Group, according to the Laughing Squid.

Merely sign in via Facebook or Twitter for a chance to have a go at the claw via your mouse or the arrows on your keyboard. If you manage to win a prize, it will be sent to your physical address.

Yes, it’s a bit late for a Santa-themed diversion (we already did the whole eggnog pong, mistletoe roulette thing a few weeks ago), but this particular toy was created to get rid of the man in red’s leftover gifts, according to the design group.

We’re not sure what those gifts include, but we’ll let you know should we manage to score one (our turn at the game will transpire in roughly an hour). Either that or we’ll throw a screaming tantrum.

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