Evernote’s Mac App Store Debut By the Numbers

Evernote’s multi-platform note-taking service really took off in 2010, but 2011 is shaping up to be the startup’s biggest year yet, especially given the big boost it just got after debuting in Apple’s Mac App Store last week.

Evernote CEO and founder Phil Libin tells Mashable that because of the new marketplace, Mac has outstripped Android and iPhone as the biggest platform for new user acquisition.

The Evernote team hurried to ready an app store compatible version of its Mac app in time for the store’s launch, an effort that has paid off nicely in downloads and new users. On day one, Mac registrations were up 1800% over a normal day, resulting in 40,000 new Mac users and 90,000 total downloads.

Compare the 40,000 figure with Evernote’s 30,000 average daily new users metric (across all platforms) — remarkable on its own — and it highlights just how instrumental the store was in bringing new users. Evernote was previously adding very few Mac app users per day, Libin says. Now Mac is the biggest driver of new growth.

Libin estimates that for the first full week post-Mac App Store launch, Evernote saw 300,000 total Mac app downloads. Roughly 50% of these downloads came from users who had never previously registered for an Evernote account.

The popularity of the Mac app is also contributing to an uplight in downloads of Evernote’s other apps, according to Libin. Users are now discovering the note-taking service on Mac and learning that they can use it on other platforms as well, he says.

Libin recognizes that these early numbers are likely not sustainable, but he does believe the Mac App Store will help the startup hit the 10 million member milestone — it hit six million before the end of 2010 — sooner than originally anticipated.

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