8 of the Twitterverse’s Best Name Ideas for Eric Schmidt’s Rumored TV Show

Outgoing Google CEO Eric Schmidt apparently wants to host his own talk show, and Twitter users have some suggested names for it.

The Internet is abuzz today with a report from New York Post‘s Page Six claiming that Eric Schmidt’s next job after Google could be as a TV talk show host. The publication’s sources say that Schmidt has been chatting with the executive producer of CNN’s Parker Spitzer, Liza McGuirk, about a transition from technology to media.

Schmidt apparently filmed a pilot episode of a potential show for CNN in August, but the pilot “was a complete disaster.” As executive chairman (and not CEO) though, Schmidt will have plenty of time to polish his on-air skills by appearing as a guest on the countless talk shows, cable news networks and late night shows that permeate the airwaves.

We wouldn’t be surprised if this report is accurate. Back in October, Schmidt exercised his interviewing chops when he took the stage with James Cameron at the Churchill Club Premiere Event. He seemed to really enjoy the opportunity to interview Cameron and one could see why he would be interested in turning that into a full-time gig. It’s a new challenge for the multi-billionaire to conquer.

What should Schmidt call his talk show? He could go the simple route with “Schmidt” — a la “Parker Spitzer” — but what’s the fun in that? CNET‘s Caroline McCarthy had a suggestion of her own: “Holy Schmidt!” Kathleen Schmidt, no relation to Eric Schmidt, is already calling dibs on “Schmidt Happens” as a TV show title.

Because I’m in a playful mood today, I’ve collected some of my favorite proposed titles from the Twitterverse and posted them in a gallery. Let us know your suggested titles in the comments. If it’s a really good one, we might even add it to the gallery. But please, keep it clean, for the children.









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