“Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” in 60 Seconds

If your attention span was just too short to sit through all 112 minutes of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, you’re in luck, because a fan of the film has boiled down all the pathos and pings into 60 seconds.

Scott Pilgrim Director Edgar Wright actually tweeted out this video the other day — Wright also heralded the arrival of the film’s trailer back in March with a series of tweets reading: “Wait. What’s that? (looks into distance),” “(squints),” “Ah. I guess it was just a mirage or something.”

The fan-made vid, which is an entry into the Virgin Radio Fake Film Festival, is pretty similar to the original film, so if you’re in need of a shot of awkward from Michael Cera — and his stint as bassist for super band Mister Heavenly is doing nothing for the shakes — this should be a sufficient fix.

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