“Popular Science” Publisher, Ad Agency Join Forces to Make Ads for iPads

Showing the growth and viability of iPads and tablets as an ad medium, Bonnier, publisher of Popular Science and Field & Stream has forged an alliance with ad agency CP+B to develop “next-generation” advertising for the iPad and other tablets.

The partnership, announced today, means that CP+B will develop ad concepts across all of Bonnier’s titles, starting with a pilot for Popular Science. Bonnier cited the growth of the tablet market for its decision. Manufacturers displayed more than 100 tablets at CES and Gartner analysts project there could be as many as 208 million tablet devices in circulation by 2014. Apple also shipped 17 million iPads in 2010, the company announced yesterday.

For its part, CP+B, best known for its work for Burger King and Microsoft, sees the growth of tablets as a way to re-imagine magazine advertising.

The deal comes as sales of iPad- and tablet-based magazines fell late in the year, though that was concurrent with falling sales of print copies. This year, a group of publishers called Next Issue Media is planning to release its own digital newsstand, and Apple is said to be planning a subscription-based model for the iPad, according to reports.

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