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Instagram Announces Android Version

Android users, the time has almost come. Instagram, the popular photo-filtering and sharing app, is on its way to Google’s mobile operatin… Continue reading

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Apple, Google and Other App Sellers Cut Privacy Deal with California

Your favorite mobile apps should soon be making it a lot more clear when they intend to use your data.
The Attorney General of California, Kama… Continue reading

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Google Docs for Android Update Lets You Edit on the Go

Google announced a Google Docs update for Android Wednesday, allowing for easy native editing from your smartphone and tablet.
The new feature w… Continue reading

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How to Create Animated GIFs With Your Smartphone

Did you know you can whip up tasty animated GIFs on your iPhone or Android handset, in seconds, free? We’ve found a superb app that will help yo… Continue reading

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‘App Economy’ Has Created Nearly Half a Million Jobs Since 2007 [STUDY]

That app you use to play Words with Friends on your phone or book a reservation using Open Table might be giving the American economy a nice boo… Continue reading

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Google to Test Mystery Device in Employees’ Homes [VIDEO]

No one is sure what Google has up its sleeve, but it could be something you’ll have at home in years to come.
Google applied for a FederContinue reading

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Google’s Bouncer For Android Shows Malware Apps the Door

Bouncer scanning software, developed by Google, is designed to search the Android market for software that could be malicious, the company annou… Continue reading

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ADzero Smartphone Is Carved Out of a Solid Block of Bamboo [VIDEO]

Kieron-Scott Woodhouse was fed up with cellphones all looking alike, so he took the matter into his own hands, building his own brand o… Continue reading

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6 Ways to Give Your App a Leg Up on the Competition

Spend a few minutes browsing through both the Android and Apple app stores and it’s easy to see the fierce competition for user attention… Continue reading

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Top 10 Tech This Week [PICS]

If you scanned across the tech and gadget world this week, you’d think the future had already arrived. We found so many great products and devic… Continue reading

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