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The 3-3-3 Online Marketing Investment Model

A few weeks ago I was thinking about how companies seem to haphazardly invest in various aspects of online marketing. Some throw their entire budget at SEO, leaving no room for PPC. Other businesses put so much money in PPC that they leave little room … Continue reading

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Are You Using the Right Keywords On Your Site? A Simple Three-Rule Test

Keyword research is important to online marketing efforts. But even more important than that is the keywords you select for your SEO and PPC efforts. Of course, you cannot select what you have not researched, but finding keywords generally isn’t … Continue reading

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How Much Are You Paying to Send Customers Away?

Engaging in online marketing is all about customer acquisition, ROI and profits. If you see growth in these three areas, you can be reasonably confident that your online marketing efforts are paying off in some form or another. But things might not alw… Continue reading

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Put Your Business in its Place or Your Marketing Campaign Will

Over the past 15 years starting a new business has become easier than ever before. The daily dread of horrible bosses, annoying red tape and ringing alarm clocks that force you out of bed before God gets up is forever behind you as you make that long-a… Continue reading

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What the SEF is Your SEO Doing?

I’ve worked with a number of website designers and developers over the years, many of them good people with a plethora of skills I couldn’t even dream of having. But one thing gets under my skin: when developers claim to know SEO when they … Continue reading

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