Animated GIF Photobooth Brings Pics to Life [VIDEO]

We’ve all seen the photobooths at weddings and parties; and we’ve all seen animated GIFs become fast Internet memes. Here’s a new project that melds the two worlds perfectly: animated GIF photobooths.

The agency Digital Kitchen in Seattle built just such a thing. Using three Canon 5D MK IIs, the team was able to shoot three-frame animated GIFs, complete with an extravagant cardboard cutout set. DSK says the animated GIF photobooth is called Protobooth.

Animated GIFs, from the most rudimentary a la Tina Fey photobombing the Golden Globes, to the elaborate cinemagraphs created by the likes of Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck, are all sorts of viral fun.

The idea of an animated GIF photobooth brings the trend full circle and adds a whole new element of fun to what would normally be static photos.

Check out the video above to learn more about Protobooth and to see the results.

Thumbnail image courtesy of DSK

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