Happy Birthday Google: Celebrate With All the Anniversary Doodles [PICS]

This month marks Google’s 13th anniversary. The exact date Google celebrates this occasion has changed over the years, according to the company, “depending on when people feel like having cake.”

However, in recent years Sept. 27 is the day the celebratory Google Doodle appears; since 2002 Google has put up a different doodle each year. To celebrate, we’ve taken a look back at every birthday doodle posted — starting with today’s.

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Take a look through the image gallery below. Shout out your felicitations to Google in the comments below.


Google’s gone old school this year with a retro-styled birthday party snapshot.


Last year Google borrowed a Wayne Thiebaud cake to mark its 12th year in business.


Google kept things simple in 2009; it replaced the “L” of the logo with the number 11.


For Google’s 10th anniversary the logo reverted to the original design from 1998. Apparently the server rack symbolizes what Google had hoped to receive as a birthday present.


Google’s second “G” was replaced with a colorful piñata in 2007, appropriately shaped like a number nine to mark that special day.


A cute cupcake greeted Google users on Sept. 27, 2006.


Seven scrumptious-looking slices of cake decorated the logo to occasion Google’s seventh year in business.


In 2004 Google selected Sept. 7 to celebrate its six-year milestone.


The company also chose Sept. 7, 2003 as the date to cut the cake for Google’s fifth birthday.


Finally, the very first doodle celebrating Google’s birthday appeared on September 27, 2002. It marked the search engine’s 4th anniversary.

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